Biome Studio

Heather Clark is principal of the Biome Studio, a design and development firm.  While playfully satisfying the innate and artistic needs of people, the long term goal of the Biome Studio is to design and develop built environments that power themselves, cleanse themselves, transform waste, provide wildlife habitat, and produce food.


The Busycle project is a collaborative between Heather Clark, the artist Matthew Mazzotta, and over 60 volunteers.  The Busycle is a 15-person pedal-powered bus that travels in neighborhoods throughout the United States.

Castle Deep Energy Retrofit

Heather Clark oversaw the renovation of Castle Square Apartments, Boston,  a 1960s-era affordable housing property that is likely the nation’s largest Deep Energy Retrofit.  In the U.S., existing buildings account for 40  percent of the nation’s energy use and 38  percent of the carbon dioxide emissions. A little known fact is that typical energy efficiency measures only result in an average energy savings of 30  percent.  Deep Energy Retrofits, defined as renovations saving at least 50  percent, provide a road map to achieve dramatic energy and carbon reductions in existing buildings.  At Castle Square Apartments, the seven story buildings were literally  wrapped in a new super-insulated shell to drastically cut energy usage and transform the property’s look.  This project is especially unique because it is not a gut rehab.  Residents stayed in their apartments during the renovation, with minimal disruption.

Play-In for Climate Action

Heather Clark created the Play-In for Climate Action, a family-oriented climate change protest held in the summer of 2014 and replicated many times since by Moms Clean Air Force, a special project of the Environmental Defense Fund.

Car-Free Detroit

The car has abandoned Detroit.   In this utopian vision, Detroit will abandon the car.   The policy of becoming car-free by 2035, is the trimtab for an equitable, ecologically sustainable, and engaged society and economy.  As such, Detroit could become the global template for carbon-neutrality.  Car-Free Detroit is a collaboration between Heather Clark, Svea Heinemann, and Azzurra Cecchini.